Dattaur village is a happy and prosperous village located in Rohtak district of Haryana state of India.

Dattaur village is known as Shri Shri 1008, the sacred place of Baba Sitaram. Dattaur village is also known as a Brahmin-dominated village. Baba Sitaram Dattaur has been a well-known saint of the village, whose full name is Shri Shri 1008 Narottam Das Ji Maharaj. He has a great contribution in the construction and development of Dattaur village. He was a very knowledgeable, wise, social worker, Bhagat and intellectual who received the boon of many elusive powers and art. At Dattaur village, there is no natural crisis happened just by the grace of Baba Sitaram. Baba Sitaram worshiped as village deities of Dattaur village.

Dattaur village is situated at a distance of 45 kilometers from India’s capital Delhi. Dattaur village is situated about 250 km from the capital of Haryana State, 25 kilometers from Rohtak district and 4 kilometers from Sampla tehsil. Dattaur village comes under the Sampla block, on the north, Kharkhoda tehsil towards the east, Bahadurgarh tehsil towards east, Rohtak tehsil towards west, Jhajjar tehsil towards south. The nearby village Gijhi near Dattaur village is 1 km, Atail 2 km, Ismaila 2.5 km, Gandhra 3.5 km, Kaseranti 4.8 km, Sampla 4 km, Khei Sampla 5 km, Samchana 5 km, Bhainsru Kalan 5.8 km, Pakashma 7 km, Garhi Sampla 6 , KM, Naunand 7 km, Kharawad 8 km, Hassangarh 9 km, 9 km of Kultana, Baliyana 10 km and Khedi Sadh is 15 km away.

There are about 2800 voters in Dattaur village. The rate of literacy in Dattaur village is 85 percent. 80% of the residents here are employed in private and government professions. There is also a special emphasis on making people self-reliant here. Loan and necessary facilities are provided to the youth and farmers through government schemes based on the Punjab National Bank available only in the village.

It is being tried that the condition and standard of the people living here could not be weak. A clean and systematic temple complex built in the village, Government and private school premises, Punjab National Bank, Chaupal, dispensary, library, veterinary hospital, water house, Panchayat house, Bhagwan Parshuram Ashram, Gaushala, Water Treatment Plant for every category. Hanuman Temple, Bhagwan Parshuram Temple, Main Shiv Temple, Gaushala, Community center and Baba Sitaram Sports Complex etc. are the main attractions here.

Here all the villager, now consider the importance of development in the environment, water, sanitation and the village. Children and youth are being motivated to clean up their surroundings before going to school, college, office and on holiday to make important contributions in the development and fraternity of the village. Every villager is very committed to develop Dattaur village as a ‘Model Village’ of India.

Jai Baba Sitaram


Beautiful and Peaceful Brahmin dominated village in Rohtak district of Haryana, India. One Day, the name and fame of Dattaur Village will be printed on the Golden Pages of History. I love my village, my motherland and my country more than myself…….. Jai Baba Sitaram……., Jai Gau Mata……

Amit Bhardwaj, Dattaur

Great Village of the Great Country……… Dattaur Village, Haryana, India…… Nice to see Dattaur Village blogs and websites. Good Luck !!!!!

ER Publications, India